It has been a long time since I have spoken outloud in the desert.

Funny, this need to have something to say in order to resolve the world's problems. I should use the quote "the world would work better if everybody was doing as I say". I don't remember who said this. Must be a quote from the universal intellectual heritage.

One of the greatest things in my shitty job is that I have plenty of time to think and to catch up on the news. I even read reports of the National Assembly. The last one I read was 500 pages long. I'm sure most deputies work less than I do. Most impressive, isn't it?

I impresse my wife too, when I use my "entertainement budget" (the one between "cigarettes budget" and "hairdresser budget", this one used mostly to compensate the first one) to buy "The great war for civilization" by Robert Fisk. A 1000 page book that you could read like a novel, with mystery, adventure, and knowledge. My wife is impressed by the fact that I don't have a single word to say about what's going on between 'Kevin' and 'Cynthia', when I could hold a two hour monologue about the need to use money from the European Common Agricultural Policy for organic agriculture, and to not fall into the trap of ethanol when we know the ecological and economical disaster of intensive production, and that the conclusion of it is that we should think about the necessity for industrial decrease as the Burtland report said back in 1987, which preceded the Rio summit in 1992, which has been nailed by the creation of WTO, I should stop, I'm hipped up again.

Meanwhile, nobody can say that this report was not premonitory, ok, sorry, I'll stop.

Titilated by my wife's admiration (man, it's goooood...), I often forget to tell her that a guy really involved in politics, who would really likes to do something for the world, doesn't simply read the news and write stuff that nobody reads...

Ok, I promise, I will work on it, but "hell is the others", and I can see them, hidding in the shadows, ready to make me change my mind with their much more developed points, with structure and conviction in comparison to mine. The bastards...

As I said, everything would be better if people were doing as I say. But people are mean, they think that they are right, and not me (how silly, isn't it ?).

Ok, what did I want to say ?

About the French suburbs, "banlieues", which have nothing comparable to US suburbs, my wife's thoughts:

She laughed outloud when she heard that some rioters threw pétanque balls at the police.

"And they say it's a problem of integration in the French culture, but they have fucking pétanque balls in their homes!"

Note : Pétanque is the most popular game in France. You can see it in every public square during summer.

It's true that they (politicians, media) miss the point with the "problem of integration", "republic deficit". Once again, immigration is the problem. I even read, in Le Figaro (conservative, yes, I read even conservative newspapers, just so that nobody will accuse me of unilateral ideology) that the rioters were mostly from "sub saharian Africa" (politicaly correct word to say "black"), where the education of the children is shared by the whole village, which is not the same here, cultural difference bla bla bla, and that this is why 'they' are so violent. Bullshit.

More disgusting, I heard the report of Jérémie's trial, the kid who burned a supermarket and who will have four years in prison (the highest sentence in these last two weeks). They insisted on the fact that his parents tried to stop him from going out, and mix with "those people" who influenced the little angel. Meaning : the little French rooted guy was a nice kid who was influenced by non-white kids who are left alone by their families because of a supposed "sub saharian" culture.

And some dare to say that our media is better, more objective, than foreign media like, say, Fox News. Everybody knows that every single american watches Fox News...

I agree with one of the definitions my wife has about the French (at least, the one she has when she has had a bad day) : they are arrogant and self centered sheep, quietly and innocently racist.

Surprised to agree with Jack Lang, a caricature of "caviar leftist" in France, former culture minister, I liked what he said on the BBC : he sees a proof in these riots that "these people" are fully integrated. They demonstrated their comprehension of the words "liberty, equality, fraternity". And they understood that these words are no longer respected by French elites. The problem is not integration. It's french racism, and deaf and hypocrital politicians.

Well, let's trust the police to bring the peace back...

(When I read such a sentence, it gives me the idea to fill up a bottle with gas and liquid soap, stuff the top with a handkerchief, and throw it on the police headquarters...)

(Too bad. I thought a molotov cocktail was vodka, Grand Marnier, strawberry sirup and ice)

(The other receipe is a "violent but circonstancial answer to an untolerable situation")