Hey, I just realized that Marjane Satrapi's comic book (I hate this expression, "comic book"... Do you really call Art Spiegleman a "comic book author" ?) Persepolis does exist in English ! The best book I've read

It's her story in four books, from her childhood during the Islamic Revolution, to her leaving in 1995. It's the world seen through a child's and a teenager eyes, and consequently, a really refreshing view about Iran... and also about Europe !

I don't know where you could find it, but find it !

(5 minutes later)

Wait, I'm realizing that actually, she's already quite famous !

Mmh... A little disppointed to not be the first to have discovered it...

But really happy that she's well-known, because she's "worth to be known" (not sure of the translation...).

Hey, I just found an article in the Independant.


"I get the feeling that, for you, cigarettes represent some kind of revolt. Why do you think some people hate them so much?"

"I believe that's a sexual thing." She raises a lighted Winston to her lips and inhales. "I put it in my mouth. The smoke enters my body, through an orifice. It gives me pleasure. And it leaves..." She exhales. "By the same orifice. I think it reminds them of... something."

Recently, on a street in Los Angeles, she saw a woman glaring at her cigarette. "There were traffic fumes everywhere. I saw her staring, so I muttered: 'Fuck you.' She came over and said, 'Did you say something?' I said, 'Yes - fuck you.' She replied: 'But I am so sensitive to cigarette smoke.' I told her, 'OK - be sensitive - and die. Or give me a break.'"

And an interview on NPR !

And the her blog !


(Oh shit !)

And she's preparing a movie from Persepolis !

And... and...

Sorry, I can't write, I've got too many things to read !