It has been awfull.

I had no Internet connection for two weeks.

I wonder how I did survive.

I moved. I went with my beloved wife to see what our baby looks like (according to the doctor : "normal". Ho. How enthusiastic, isn't it?). I painted the all new appartment. I fought with the owner to fix an infiltration of water in the ceillings. I called Senheiser twice (no Tascam before the end of april). I made a ethernet cable. I remade it. I made it again. And again. Now it works. I watched the entire first season of "Desperate housewives". Then "How's afraid of Virginia Wolfe". Then "The hours". I don't want to live in an american suburb ever.

And today, France Telecom called us to say it was OK.

I switched on the computer.

Night is falling. I haven't move. I don't want to, although it has been two hours that my urinary bladder is calling for rest.

I won't move.