Hey, I didn't pay attention to it, but I've just realize that there are now more than a hundred sounds in here !

Ok, since I decided to put copies of some sounds in OGG file format, it's easier to give this impression...

But still, there are 12 creations, 6 ambiances, 10 sound effects and 7 musical Zip and soundfont files...

Not so bad, for a two months old website, and for a guy who is still waiting for his new recorder (sounds ironic, no ? A sound picker without anything to pick sounds...).

I've got a DVD full of old sounds, but I do not think anybody would be interested in all of them. The engine of my old Citroën?  Its horn ? Maybe the sound of a river. But come on, I don't think that the sound of a wood spoon on a milk carton brick which I used for a moment as a cool drumkit is that interesting...

But when I'll have my new recorder, ha, when I'll have it...

Here's a list of some of my projects :

  • sounds of carton and plasic tubes. Sounds dumb ? Wait for it, and you'll see it is not. Not at all.
  • a keyboard set of glasses that goes "tiiiiin"
  • several type of hinges
  • an air matress that does exactly a sound of cool wind
  • my wife is expecting a child : baby's noises
  • some tubular bells
  • an electric screw driver

And then, later:

  • a car engine (I changed car)
  • a welding rod (perfect for electric sounds)
  • my cat
  • sounds of water (bloub, fiiiish, gulp, etc.)
  • wind (a true one)
  • High Speed Train (espectilly the sounds that make the rails a long time before the train arrives)

And everything that would pass by when I'm out with my microphones and my (f***) Tascam recorder.

So, try to be as patient as I am.

No, actually, try to be more patient than myself...